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Below are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please email john@welcomehomedecks.com or call John at 443-752-3455.


1. What is the process for having a project built?
2. Can I pay for my project with a credit card?
3. What time of the year do you build decks?
4. Do you do outdoor projects other than decks?
5. Do you get permits and HOA approval?
6. How do you get the design and layouts for the decks and projects you build?

What is the Process for Having a Project Built?
7 Simple Steps to Your Home Improvement

  1. The scope, cost, and timeframe of your project are agreed upon.
  2. The agreement is signed and a $200 payment is received which locks-in your start date and goes toward the balance.
  3. 10 days prior to your start date, the 1st installment is due. This payment enables materials to be bought, detailed drawings to be made, and the building permit to be obtained.
  4. Work begins on the start date.
  5. The 2nd installment is received halfway through the project. This point of time depends on what sort of project you are having done and will be determined before any work starts.
  6. The 3rd installment is received after your project is 100% complete and is to your satisfaction.
  7. Enjoy your beautiful new home from Welcome Home Improvements!

Can I Pay for My Project with a Credit Card?
Yes. We accept credit card payemnts through paypal. If you would like to pay by credit card, please call John at 443-752-3455 to set up payments.

What Time of Year Do You Build Decks?
We build decks and outdoor projects all year round.

Do You Do Outdoor Projects Other Than Decks?
Yes. Welcome Home Decks (WHD) is a division of Welcome Home Improvements (WHI). WHD specializes in custom decks, deck rehabs, gazebos, porches, porticos, patios, walkways, and pergulas. To see examples of WHD work, visit the Welcome Home Decks Website.

Do You Get Permits and HOA Approval?
Yes, we will obtain all required permit(s) for your project. If getting a deck, the client is responsible for providing Welcome Home Improvements with a final plat of the property so that we can apply for and obtain the permit.

No, we do not get HOA approval. The client is responsible for applying for HOA approval, but Welcome Home Improvements will help provide necessary documents such as diagram drawings or material lists.

How Do You Get the Design and Layouts for the Decks and Projects You Build?
All of our projects are custom-designed and built. We do not use 'cookie cutter' designs, each project is unique. We will work with you to come up with the perfect design for you and your home.